Ludwig Moser


My new love is Moser crystal. 

When I saw the above vase I knew I needed to know more.  I thought my go-to for crystal and art glass was Venini and Baccarat but things have changed. If I had a kid I would rename him Moser.  

When I looked into who made the stunning vase I was surprised to learn it was a firm named “Moser” that had been in business since 1860. It is said that it was Ludwig Moser that first “breathed life” into crystal and it is true both figuratively and physically. Over the many years in business Moser crystal as been present at royal weddings, gatherings of the political elite, from restaurants to palaces around the world, and desired by all with refined taste. The slogan “King of Glass, Glass of Kings” is wholly applicable.

It is interesting to know that Ludwig was the first to create a lead-free sodium-potassium glass that is more eco friendly than lead glass and other typical crystal yet it is still extremely hard. To date the firm still uses this as the basis of all their their products whether it is a drinking glass, lighting, or decorative object. 

For us in the USA, there are sadly no Moser retail stores. Instead there are only four shops in the Czech Republic, two in Prague and two in the company’s hometown of Karlovy.  From what I see the only places to find random pieces from Moser is through Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman which makes collecting very difficult.

If you have any crystal by Moser, it is important to know how special it is, and how replacing it could be next to impossible. Contact us for assistance if you wish to sell or consign. We will treat your Moser items with white glove treatment, I promise.