Mid Century Furniture

Sam Maloof


Sam Maloof was an American furniture designer who redefined what it meant to create elegant, comfortable furniture with his unique blend of craftsmanship, design, and artistry. Born in California in 1916, Maloof made his mark on the design world by crafting furniture that was both beautiful and functional, using a combination of classic woodworking techniques and his own innovative ideas.

Over the course of his career, Maloof created a wide range of furniture pieces that continue to be admired and sought after by collectors and design enthusiasts alike. One of his most well-known pieces is his rocking chair, which he began designing in the 1950s and is now considered a classic of mid-century modern design. Featuring rounded edges, a sculptural backrest, and carefully carved wooden elements that perfectly support the body, Maloof’s rocking chair is a testament to his skill as both a designer and a craftsman.

Another highly prized piece of Maloof’s furniture is his dining chair, which he first designed in the 1960s. Made from a combination of different types of wood, such as walnut, maple, and cherry woods, Maloof’s dining chair features an elegant, flowing design that perfectly balances form and function. The chair’s gracefully curved backrest and gently sloped seat make it an ideal choice for long, leisurely dinners, while its carefully crafted joints and sturdy construction ensure that it will last for generations.

In addition to his rocking chair and dining chair, Maloof also created a range of other furniture pieces that are highly prized by collectors. His coffee table, for example, features a beautifully carved design that showcases the natural grain of the wood, while his lounge chair is the epitome of comfort and style, featuring plush cushions, elegant curves, and carefully crafted details.

What sets Maloof’s furniture apart from other designers of his time is not just his skill as a craftsman, but also his commitment to creating pieces that are both functional and beautiful. His focus on comfort, in particular, was unique for a designer of his era, and it was this focus that helped him create furniture that was as comfortable to use as it was lovely to look at.

Today, Maloof’s furniture continues to be highly valued by collectors and design enthusiasts alike. His commitment to quality and craftsmanship has helped his pieces stand the test of time, while his unique artistic vision and innovative approach to furniture design continue to influence and inspire designers today. Whether it’s his iconic rocking chair or his elegantly designed dining chair, Sam Maloof’s furniture remains an enduring example of creativity, artistry, and craftsmanship at its best.