Sam Maloof

Sam Maloof

Mid Century Furniture SHARE Sam Maloof was an American furniture designer who redefined what it meant to create elegant, comfortable furniture with his unique blend of craftsmanship, design, and artistry. Born in California in 1916, Maloof made his mark on the design world by crafting furniture that was both beautiful and functional, using a combination […]

Vintage Designer Clothing

designer clothing

NEWS Vintage Designer Clothing What are the best things to look for at estate sales that could be valuable? Omega Timepieces Chinese Porcelain Michael Jackson memorabilia Asian Art What Louis Vuitton style handbag is most popular? Vintage Chanel Art Glass How do I get sports icons to sign memorabilia? Why Are Hermes Birkin Bags So […]

Vintage Chanel


Designer SHARE Vintage Chanel merchandise is highly sought after by fashion enthusiasts and collectors due to its timeless design, impeccable craftsmanship, and iconic status within the fashion industry. Whether it’s a classic quilted handbag, a tailored suit, or a bold piece of jewelry, vintage Chanel pieces are more than just accessories – they are pieces […]

Do you have an old Apple iphone?

Apple Iphone

Did you have an old Apple iphone? If so, it could be worth enough for a down payment on a home. The first-generation Apple iPhone just sold at at auction for $190,000 A 2007 Apple iPhone has been sold at auction for $190,372.80 – 300 times its original sale price. The 4GB model , originally bought for […]

Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry Auctions The term “fine jewelry” is used for any jewelry that is made from precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum. Fine jewelry typically contains genuine gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, garnets, citrines, rubies, tourmalines, or emerald. Fine jewelry is durable and made to last so it is suitable for every day use. […]

Resale McQueen

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN RESALE The first time I saw an Alexander McQueen show I was frightened. Gothic figures walking the run way, spikes going into the mouth of a model, capes with shoulders 5 feet wide that are only made in nightmares, models faces painted bright white with heinous eye make up akin to Marilyn Manson […]

Ralph Lauren Designer Items

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Resale Calling all Ralph Lauren Collectors Recently our Santa Monica estate sales and Brentwood consignments have been yielding a fair amount of Ralph Lauren furnishings, alligator handbags, and significant collectibles. Items range from new, recent, and vintage.  Ralph Lauren Furnishings I remember where I was when I first learned that Ralph Lauren was […]

Vintage Movie Posters

Vintage Movie Posters Vintage movie posters are one of the most exciting collectibles to buy, sell, and enjoy. People of all ages are typically drawn towards the movies of their time but for collectors, it’s all about investment and value. Some of the most popular movie posters are from the icon James Bond franchise, but […]

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was an American designer, architect, writer, and educator. He was known for designing structures that were in harmony with the surrounding environment. One of his best examples of this was the Fallingwater home in Pennsylvania, which has been called “the best work of American architecture”. In addition to designing homes, Wright also […]


Haute couture is a french term for “high sewing”, “high dressmaking” or “high fashion”. Meaning it is the creation of exclusive custom-fitted, one-of-a-kind clothing. Haute couture also refers to fashion that is made by hand from start to finish. It is usually made from very expensive fabric and sewn by the most experienced seamstress with great […]